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About the Hill HA90W Wound Care Chair

Wound Care Chair with Stool

Starting at $5110
Finance at $173/mo

Gone are the days of using awkward hospital stretchers and insufficient flat tables when delivering the delicate and nurturing care your patients need. The affordable Hill Wound Care Chair compliments the daily activities of the wound care professional, while maintaining ultimate patient comfort.

Standard Electric Height, Back, Tilt and Foot.

The HA90W electrically elevates from 22" to 32" with a lifting capacity of over 600lbs.

The chair is also equipped with 3 other electric motor functions all controlled by the foot pedals. The electric foot section adjusts from horizontal to nearly a full vertical and any angle in between. The electric lift back, effortlessly raises the back section of the chair from a seated to a fully reclined  position. Electric powered Trendelenburg is used for for tilting positions. Each of these positioning functions can be used together or separately.

Wound Care TableA Versatile Medical Chair to Medical Treatment Table.

The Hill HA90W Wound Care Chair is constructed with 1 inch soft-foam over a 1 1/2 inch medium-density foam in either 26" or 30" widths. This combination makes the Wound Care Chair extremely comfortable for both the patient and the doctors. 

When placing a patient in the prone position, the Hill Wound Care Chair can lay totally flat. The arm rests fold back and there is a removable insert in the liftback of the chair. Once the insert is removed, it allows for a comfortable breathing slot.

Custom made to order...

All Wound Care Chairs are made specifically to order, allowing you to include what options you need specifically for your practice.

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Many options to choose from...

Foot Stirrup for wrapping woundsThe Hill Wound Care Chair can be equipped with many options spanning from height range, automatic return and cushion size. The chair can also be equipped with an optional, adjustable, plug-in foot stirrup that is very helpful when wrapping or treating legs.

You can see all available options here.

HA90W Wound Care Chair Standard Features

Colors to match any facility...

The Wound Care Chair comes in two base colors, beige or gray. There are also over 20 attractive top colors to choose from. Wound Care Chair Colors

Warranty and Maintenence

The HA90W comes with a one-year warranty. There is no oiling or general maintenance required; all parts are self-lubricating to give years of trouble-free service.

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